Our mission is simple yet powerful: to share the Good News about Christ and guide you in studying the Bible for transformation, so that you can experience God's BEST in every aspect of your life. 


It is our aim that every Christian in every household, would be a minister of God’s word equipped to rightly interpret it and empowered to apply it in all seasons of life.


Courage Molina is a pastor, a published author and the founder of Courage Molina University. As founder and lead pastor, she has cultivated a thriving global community of women entrepreneurs through online streaming, podcasting and the interactive live Zoom discussions. She is the author of Power Principles Courageous Living and the Daily Dose of Courage Bible Study Guides & Devotional Series. Pastor Courage and her husband Michael live in Charlotte, NC as empty nesters with their two dogs and cat. They enjoy Sunday dinners with their three young-adult children who all reside in Charlotte as well.